Walk in Love Testimony. God is Faithful.


I am writing a summary of the book When Helping Hurts. The author tells us that God created humanity in these four primary relationships: relationship with God, with self, with our neighbor and with creation. When these relationships are working properly, people can fulfill their God-given mandate to glorify Him through their labor.

Serving is an act of Love from a relationship with God, not a way to be loved by others or a way to control others. Too often we give material items and do things for people that they can do for themselves and walk away without cultivating a relationship. Cultivating a relationship is not superficial and mushy, it runs deep and shares in our common relationship with God. We see each other through God’s Grace.

When we see other through God’s Grace, we are on the same level, and serving is reciprocal. I wanted to help Pastor Ephantus to purchase this water tank to irrigate his garden. However as I prayed, I found God saying, wait. I waited. The desire for him to have the water tank for his garden was heavy on my heart. Because when we love our neighbor we want the best for them.

The pastor’s garden is beautiful and the work he did is good labor. Pastor Ephantus sold tomatoes and saved the money and purchased the tank. He gives thanks to God for His faithfullness. I think, what if I had worked ahead of God and helped to purchase the water tank…perhaps, I would receive the Glory rather than God and out of good intentions I would hurt myself and Pastor Ephantus. Sometimes God asks us to give and sometimes God asks us to wait.

In is His desire to be in relationship with us, He knows what we need. We spoil the four foundational relationships when we go ahead and do the work without God. We affirm God’s Glory when we labor together with our hopes and dreams in prayer and love through the power of the Spirit. Thank you, Pastor Ephantus for sharing testimony of God’s Faithfulness.




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